Title : English Idioms ⑦

rip off (separable)
cheat; take advantage of; charge too much.
Don't even think about buying a car there. They'll rip you off.

round off (separable)
change from a fraction to the nearest whole number.
Round all prices off to the closest whole-dollar amounts. For example, round $33.73 off to $34.00.

run into (inseparable)
meet by chance.
Yesterday at the supermarket, Jan ran into her former roommate. Before yesterday, they hadn't seen each other for nearly five years.

run out of (inseparable)
use the last of.
On the way home from work, Art ran out of gas.

set up (separable)
make arrangements for something.
You'll see Mr. Thomas tomorrow. I've set a meeting up for 9:30 AM.

set back (1. separable)
cause a delay in scheduling.
We've had some problems with the project that have set us back at least two days . We'll give you a progress report tomorrow.

set back (2. separable)
I wonder how much Bill's new car set him back?

slip up (no object)
make a mistake.
You slipped up here. The amount should be $135.28, not $132.58.

stand out (no object)
be noticeably better than other similar people or things.
Good job, Ann! Your work really stands out!

stand up (1. no object)
rise to a standing position.
When the Chairperson entered the room, everyone stood up.

stand up (2. separable)
make a date but not keep it.
Angela was supposed to go to the dance with Fred, but she stood him up and went with Chuck instead.

show up (1. no object)
arrive; appear.
The boss was very upset when you didn't show up for the meeting. What happened?

show up (2. separable)
do a noticeably better job (often unexpectedly) than someone else.
Everyone thought Marsha would win, but Jean did. Actually, Jean really showed Marsha up.

stand for (1. no object)
These letters seem to be an abbreviation. Do you know what they stand for?

stand for (2. inseparable)
tolerate; permit (usually negative).
I'm not surprised that Mrs. Johnson rejected your report. She won't stand for shoddy work.

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